October 15, 2019

Voice Commerce Today and Tomorrow

VOICE COMMERCE: Will Alexa make brands become useless ?

​Fast-Up Partners launched, in partnership with the WFA and Mastercard, the Voice Coalition which aims to foster understanding of the best way for brands and consumers to benefit from voice commerce.

“Voice offers a huge opportunity and this initiative will help brand owners develop a greater understanding of voice through bespoke research, support and knowledge sharing”
Frederic Colas, Co founder & Partners @FastUpPartners.

OUR STUDY: Voice commerce today and tomorrow

A paper based on a 2019 BVA BDRC research study into ‘voice’ and virtual assistants, the findings of which were presented at this year’s Cannes Lions. Described as “The most comprehensive GAFAM independent research on Voice Commerce done to date”, this study cover the USA and UK and looks at current and projected uses of voice, in particular voice commerce – i.e. ordering verbally from Amazon through Alexa. Fast-Up Partners have used the findings to bring together several World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) members, including Mastercard, into astrategic ‘Voice Coalition’.


This study includes exploratory focus groups, a quantitative study and an automated ‘robot’ stage, in which hundreds of products have been ordered from Amazon via Alexa by a recorded ‘robot’ in order to unpick how Alexa’s algorithm works when it recommends a particular brand.


Our presentation will tell a compelling and slightly unsettling story (including video) about voice commerce including projections for its future – and why we believe it’s something that brands and advertisers need to be planning for.

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