Limelife by Alcone

with l'Occitane

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Excubation of a US MLM beauty brand: from acquisition to internationalization in less than 2 years. In FY 19, Limelife’s revenue grew by 330%, reaching €85M and representing 61% of L’Occitane Group’s total growth (source: FY19 L’Occitane annual report)


(month 1)

• L’Occitane decides to team up with Fast-Up Partners to create a new beauty MLM brand in Brazil through a joint venture.

Limelife Acquisition

(month 5)

• Fast-Up Partners identifies a promising yet under-the-radar US Brand: LimeLife by Alcone. L’Occitane acquires Limelife and Fast-Up Partners takes charge of its international expansion.


(month 7)

• Fast-Up Partners takes Limelife worldwide, successfully launching the brand in 5 countries within 2 years.

Smooth Transition and Exit.

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